#EBH 101

……new to edgebosshockey?

We are here to help! Learn more about utilizing our hockey training aids in real drill scenarios.

Simply slide the blade on an EBH Stick or MiniStick through the notch on any Support all the way down the shaft to the Knob, give it a light tap to secure, and away you go!

Use the Stick with a Ghost or Moon to create the "Hurdle" - Typically the Moon wedges on the Knob end of the Stick and Ghost goes randomly anywhere on the shaft to incorporate chaos theory into skills training, making this a truly versatile hockey training tool! Revolutionary! The more Ghosts on the shaft - the scarier the challenge!

Use the MiniStick and Link to create the "Dummy". Stick will fit too! Use multiple MiniSticks and Sticks for even more challenge and creativity!

Any support (Moon, Ghost, Steve) can be used with either Stick - creativity is the key! Want to include passing and shooting into your drill? Our hockey practice equipment is TOUGH and has been engineered to take the punishment.

We passionately believe that any hockey Training Aid should encourage passing and shooting and not restrict it!

We're so confident with our hockey training equipment that we'll replace any broken part for one Full Year from time of purchase*

Be A Boss

Use any Support with any Stick to create a fantastic new drill that we haven't thought of yet; Film it and upload it to instagram with the hash tag #EBH. If we like your drill we'll send you a prize!