3D Tendy

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Built like a good goalie - Tough and Challenging to score on!

3D - Less net to shoot at the closer you get.

Bring lots of pucks - 3D-Tendy doesn't need a water break.

Folds easily into a 28x47x2" profile for storage / transport. 

Built to last. Weighs in at under 30 kg.

Convenient handholds for transportation.

20 second setup / fold-up. 

Secured to Net via a lace on each post.

Carbide tips. Reversible. 

Shooters dream - have multiple shooters at once for max reps!

Practice sharp angle top cheddar goals over and over and over.

Accepts EBH STICK and MINISTICK for in tight challenge.

QUICK & EASY to shoot pucks out. There won't be many.

3D-Tendy trains good habits - shoot for MESH not targets!

3D-Tendy features the most common "modern era" scoring zones 

3D-Tendy extensively tested and developed for over 2 years.

Like all EBH gear, only premium parts are used and 3D-Tendy is no exception. We don’t cheap out on cheap imported nuts and bolts.
We want your investment in EBH gear to last.

Available Spring 2022