EBH Stick

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***IMPORTANT: visit the EBH STICK / MINISTICK SUPPORTS page to add a support for your Stick. Stick does not function without a Support.***

At edgebosshockey, we carry premium quality hockey training aids, such a the EBH Stick. The EBH Stick is used to incorporate change of direction and puck placement with unprecedented speed and "hockey touch" training. 

Like everything else we make at edgebosshockey, the EBH STICK IS TOUGH.

We don’t believe skills training should have limitations on use so we built our gear to be tough enough to withstand use in all situations including passing and shooting!

  • HURDLE is formed when the EBH Stick is used with one of the EBH Supports (Moon, Ghost, Link, or a Puck Blocker), creating hundreds of drill possibilities, making this an incredibly versatile hockey training aid.
  • We designed our Stick to sit as low to the ice as possible while still allowing a puck to be placed under. The Hurdles lower stance allows players to develop maximum lateral crossover or step over, rather than an unrealistic “stepping” or vertical motion.

Note: EBH PickPockets, MiniSticks, and Discs only come in Black/Orange/Black